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Assignment 2: Final Video

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For Chelsea and my final video, we wrote the script for 2 of our personas: a college student and a senior citizen. This worked out perfectly since we knew two people who would work for our personas. Below is our script we used for the video:


1. Drake is a sophomore in college who meets with his friends each week to play Dungeons and Dragons, a role-playing game where the story line changes.

2. Unfortunately, people have been leaving the group and Drake suspects that people are losing interest.

3. Drake’s begins thinking of a way to make game night fun again and decides to purchase a Playerbot to revive the group.

4. The playerbot can print 3D representations of the scenes and actions. It can even print the board for each time the players start a new game.

5. When the players are finished with the 3D pieces, the Playerbot will recycle them allowing Drake and his friends to play and print without waste.

6. The Playerbot has been such a success that Drake’s game night has been busier than ever!


1. Jose is a 71-year-old retiree who stays sharp by reading and playing games at his local community center

2. He likes games like quarto but doesn’t always have someone to play against

3. His family recently bought him a Playerbot which allows him to play new games all the time, even if he’s by himself.

4. The Playerbot tests his memory with new and unique games every time he plays like Trivial Pursuit and Memory.

5. By printing new 3D games, Jose is able to ignite his memory as he stays sharp through his senior years – whether it be alone or with friends.

Then, we used sketches to go along with the script. These helped us imagine how we were going to layout the characters in each of the still photos. Here are the sketches we followed:

20130509-133701.jpg 20130509-133708.jpg

Finally… our final product. We used iMovie to create the movie and after learning in class how it works – it was relatively simple! Enjoy:)


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